Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had a very stressful day in the blogging world so i have come to a decision and that is i am moving my blog to wordpress.  I was locked out of this blog all day with no response from google about how to get back in.  I had to use my home phone land line to finally past the verification lockdown i was in.  So long story short if you like to continue to follow me please head over to my new home www.tweetybugshouse.wordpress.com and follow me their.  I have moved all my posts from here to wordpress and you can still come here as i not deleting this blog just moving to wordpress.  Thanks for supporting me and leaving all your kind comments.  There will be one more post on here tonight as it was scheduled to go before my lockdown today but after that post you will see all new postings from me on wordpress.

have a wonderful day.

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