Monday, July 5, 2010

Where the cat hiding?

We have a stray outdoor cat that has lived around our house since we bought it. She has kittens every year and they grow up and move on. Well this year was the same she has 3 kittens. One is all black, one is striped and the other is white. I used to have a white cat named jazmine but i had to put her to sleep a few years back due to cancer. When my hubby saw this kitten he knew i want to have her and name it jazmine or jazz if it turns out i am wrong and its a boy. She currently living in my scrap room tell she adjusts to humans and being indoors.

Everytime i come in my room she hiding somewhere. Well this afternoon i looked behind the desk in, the drawer, in her cage, in the closet etc. I could not find her anywhere. Finally i spotted her she in the corner of my scrap table behind my big bite. Thought i share. Have a great day.


1 comment:

  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!! Love on her lots! Love the little bit of patterning on her face and ears. She looks kind of like a toasted marshmallow :)