Friday, May 29, 2009

preschool graduation and a cute card

This picture features my son darrel as he walks in with his classmates for his preschool graduation.  They got to keep those darling yellow hats and were all given a diploma.  Its hard to believe my little man is going to be heading off to kindergarden in the fall.  How times flies.  They even sang a song called fingerprints that all about how we need to remember that were small once to and even though we get upset they won't be small for long. 

This card features surfer dude from paper make up stamps.  Christi Thorsen was nice enough to stamp me some so i could play around with him and convince myself i need to purchase him myself.  You can find other cute stamps like this at
You will find fairies and some cute dinosaurs made by dustin pike and they release new stamps every month on the 7th so you should stop on by and check them out. 
This card is a casing of the that Christi sent with my images. I think hers was way better. 

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  1. Girl this is awesome!! I am so honored that you would case my card. :) You did a fantastic job!

    That pic of your son is adorable!! My oldest will be starting pre-k this year *sniffle*